I have been concerned that I am not a news junkie — I worry that I will miss some big event as it happens because I am busily reading some research or some such thing. This is a problem with working on your own or in a small office. At my last job, if something big was happening, somebody would have spotted it.

So I have been playing with Twitter again. Various news companies post breaking news on Twitter, and this morning I started following a number of them. Some breaking news services do not send out alerts often enough (they miss things), and some do it far too often. I hope that by following a number of them and playing around with the list, I can strike a happy medium.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Twitter is a service that allows you to send messages of up to 140 characters to a list of “followers”. It is used by companies and news services to keep the keen and interested informed about what they are doing, and by groups of friends who want to stay up to date with the inane details of each other’s lives (so all “follow” each other, and regularly post messages along the lines of “@cutiespark27 Doing the ironing — SO BORED lol x”). I am already being followed by two girls whose profiles read “Hey Guys! I’m Single!!”