I hope you like the new blog. Old posts are a bit messy I’m afraid, because I had to move them one-by-one and it took long enough to do that, without uploading pictures etc. If anyone would like to see copies of my trade sheets I will send them. The new blog doesn’t have the obvious drawbacks of the old one (like the ever-growing archive above the posts — madness) and will send me an email when anybody leaves a comment.

No trades entered this morning — I may put some limit orders in later. I wondered whether to leave a limit on Dec 2010 Short Sterling. I don’t expect the BoE to raise interest rates in 2010 and there is still profit to be had from placing that bet. The problem is the stop, of course. To make the trade worthwhile, I think I will have to wait for a downward move to buy closer to a support level.

Pretty tired today after a heavy day whipping in to the bassets on Saturday. I may have to tone down my weekends if I am going to be sharp on Monday mornings.