Now that a couple of trades are going my way, the urge to sit staring at the markets is enormous. When trades are going against you, you know you have a stop. When trades are going in your favour, you have to decide when to add, or whether to cut — you can’t just leave a stop and walk away. One of the reasons that I am using this particular trading style is that it is one that should not require me to stare at the markets all day, or get me stressed and unable to sleep. On the downside, you sleep at night if you have a stop. On the upside, I suppose you sleep at night if you have a plan. So this worrying tells me that I need to have better trading plans. I will write down a trading plan for the day for each of my open positions tomorrow. Then I should be able just to glance at the markets from time to time to see whether the moment has come to put the plan into action.