This morning’s performance makes it look as if yesterday was a bad day. Actually, it was a good one: I took profits on the GBP/AUD position for a profit of around 50bps; I was stopped out of gold, but for a gain of 30bps (trade analysis not posted yet); and my short oil position has made 2x risk or 50bps — I locked in a zero loss by moving the stop before this happened. Overall, I think the experiences of last week have broken a mental block about taking profits. Now that I have done that, I can work on avoiding cutting too early.

The reason that the performance number looks bad is that I report my performance as a fund would report it — i.e. included unrealised gains and losses. This is actually quite daft, because I am not trying to sell at the top of every move, so every time I take a profit it will look like I have lost a bit of money. I am paying much more attention to the cash in the bank.

Update: Forgot to add this new feature.

Short US Light Crude Oil
Long S&P 500