Stopped out of today’s sugar trade already. It is hard to jump on a trend, and I still do not have the knack well worked out. Two potential lessons:

  1. It is a bad idea to fight an intra-day trend. Wait for it to end before going in.
  2. Weak levels tested a few days ago can be forgotten by the market if it runs away and then comes back. Work with stronger levels.
Whether these lessons are good lessons remains to be seen.
Trade entry post here.

Update: I have just remembered how unconvinced I was by the breakout that today’s price action has undone — it was very lukewarm and I stood aside. Why did I then buy it? Because I am a moron; also because it is playing on my mind that I can’t afford to miss trends. I should be more aware that I can’t afford to throw money away chasing their ghosts.