I was briefly up 0.84% yesterday, which took me to a return of 0% since inception. Another way of thinking about this is that I had paid for the first two months of my education. I resisted the urge to cut everything there and then.

I missed copper. I had let myself get too worried about losses again, and removed an order to open I had put in, and that would have caught the exact high of copper’s rally before its fall. That’s the kind of decision you make when you are overexcited, and that is why it is important to stay calm. In fairness, I was concerned that it would be too correlated with my existing trades, and disinclined to fight the intra-day trend — but an intra-day high had been established, and the correlation would have been a good thing considering how little risk I am actually running, given my small risk level at present; and copper could have much further to fall than anything else that I have shorted.

Dealing with winners is still by far the hardest thing about trading.

Short Gold
Long Long Gilt
Short Cocoa
Short Soybeans
Short US Light Crude