I thought I would write a post about how the blog is structured.

  • Every morning I post a Morning Update that gives my latest performance and lists my open positions.
  • When I enter a new trade, I post a Trade Sheet, which gives charts of the markets and the rationale for the trade.
  • When I close a trade, I post a Trade Analysis.
  • If I change the stop level, add to a trade, or just want to keep blog readers in the loop with some change, I post a Trade Update.
  • If I have time and something to write about, I post a Diary entry.
  • I also post thoughts about how I should be trading and what I have learned (tagged Process and Psychology). Reading these will not explain what I do — that is still in flux, and this blog is a record of the process of getting to an answer that I have not yet fully worked out.
  • Other posts are Book reviews and thoughts about the markets and politics.