I am working from home this afternoon because I had to go to the bank — the bank is a bus-ride away in the direction of home, and there didn’t seem any point in doing the same journey twice in one day. Anyway, while I was on this adventure (and checking my positions regularly on the iPhone), I was stopped out of the natural gas trade. When I checked the chart, however, it showed that the market hadn’t been anywhere near my stop.

I called IG Index and asked them what had happened — they were super helpful, said that it was a bad data point from the exchange and put my position back straight away. I am impressed.

Rather oddly, they haven’t put things back as they were, but recreated the trade as if I had entered at the level at which I was stopped out — slightly above the real stop. The effect of the episode has therefore been to transfer money from my cash balance to my P/L on open positions. I haven’t lost out, because if I get stopped out again, I will still have a small profit on the trade as it now exists. But I will have to adjust my cash performance figures to take account of the discrepancy until I have closed the trade.