I worked from home today, having slept badly. I didn’t do much work. There were no clear signals, the markets are still very volatile, and I am frustrated about having exited trades that would now be doing well, and about being stopped out of copper yesterday. I have had a few days like this in the last month — not many, but they are becomign more frequent.

I am responding to losing trades increasingly badly. When I started out I took them in my stride, but now a single loser knocks my confidence. This is foolish. Losing is natural and happens all the time, even to the best traders.

I have also discovered that I can be just as feckless as ever I was at university, where I delighted in whiling away days and weeks in pleasant dillying and dallying. I am rather pleased about this: despite having to give up drinking and smoking, I can still be badly behaved. Sometimes, however, my fecklessness came about because I could only see the big picture — how much there was to learn, how many exams there were to do — and I balked at the challenge. That is what I am doing again now. I am not good at seeing the trees for the forest.

Happily, I now have the tools to deal with this problem: stick to routine, and take everything one step at a time. No more working from home. No more slack days. I need to set an early alarm, go for a run, and just KBO.

On the plus side, I did spend several hours — most of the day, actually — teaching myself to program Tradestation. I have learned to use arrays and put one to good effect in an indicator that tracks the average intraday volume at each point in the day over several days. This is fun, but it is not my main task — reminiscent of the reading I did on neuroscience during my finals revision.