So much to do and so little time!

Shorted EURJPY and got stopped out — I think I jumped in too quickly. These jump-ins should be based on particularly high volume and a clear breakout.

Went long 10-yr T-note on a technical basis — yield had dropped below support level and re-tested yesterday with thrust in the direction opposite to the direction of the market, with most of the drop occurring on low volume. This trade is consistent with the risk-off mood and has moved strongly in my favour today.

Shorted EURUSD after a pullback on low thrust but decent volume. Market drifted higher after volume tailed off and was still quite high when I shorted it. I hope the volume has fallen out of this up-move and the market will continue downwards. Funny move today — market has messed about but the thrust measure has been rising for most of the day — I still don’t know how to interpret this measure (or if it will be ultimately useful) — is a choppy market with rising thrust likely to go up, or does the choppiness tell you that even with the up-thrust the market wasn’t able to go up? Volume has been about average all day, with the market tending to move lower on volume and making a half-hearted new low when volume was highest. I want to be in the EUR story and this looks like an opportunity, and I went short at the top of a post-breakout range with quite a wide stop, so I am inclined to hang in there.

Short platinum — I actually put this on last night, at pretty much the low for the day, with a tight stop and half a unit of risk. The market has moved strongly my way today and hit its 200-day moving average — I am wondering whether to get out now or hope it breaks it. I should have doubled up at 6.15 this morning, but I had just got up and needed the loo — by the time I came back the market had come off its pullback a little, and I balked. With hindsight I should have got a full risk unit into this trade — damn.

I have been busy busy busy today — I am somewhat stressed, but it feels like good stress. Now I am going to go home and chill out, and then think about whether anything has moved far enough for me to get out.