Several trades appear to be running my way — AUD/USD, platinum, EUR/USD and the US 10-year T-Note. Some of those are new — more on that in the diary later.

Also, the air-conditioner in my office seems to work. I am amazed and delighted.

I think the thing that has got me into a few trades is a new lightness. That is what I have been missing for the past couple of months. I am accepting that my trading style involves taking a lot of losses before you have a big winner, and because I have been prepared to take losses, I have got into trades. Two of them, AUD/USD and platinum, I only had the nerve to do because I risked half a risk unit, rather than a full one. In both cases, I should have been more aggressive, but this hints that the problem recently has been my over-caution about getting into trades.

Everybody says overtrading is a big mistake, but undertrading, it turns out, is deadly.