I took some “time out” and relaxed at about 1500, and it was a good move. I was too stressed to read anything properly after monitoring the reaction of my positions to the opening of the US stock market at 1430.

In one way, this means I am not getting any better at dealing with winning positions — they still stress me out. But that is probably a fact about people in general. We know from behavioural finance that losing something you already possess is more unpleasant than never getting it in the first place, and that is the psychology of my stress over winning positions: I have a profit, and I am frightened of giving it up.

The fact that I quickly recognise this and take some time to relax shows that I am actually getting better at dealing with winners. It is not possible to change human nature. What is possible is to recognise the symptoms of over-stress ever earlier, and react to them appropriately.

In other news, I have considered adding to short AUD/USD as it has pulled back (on decent volume but low thrust). But I am already into this risk-off trade up to my eyeballs.