I have spent another day mostly reading and am knackered – my brain
feels full like it did when I was revising for finance exams. I am
getting better at synthesizing and writing down some thoughts based on
all this – some on the blog but mostly on pieces of blank paper, which
turn out to have been the most useful physical purchase of my trading
career. They allow me to have a conversation with myself away from the
computer screen.

I am concerned about natural gas. The market is pulling back as the
weather forecast in the US gets cooler. The technicals look so good,
however, that I see no reason to override the new profit target system
and get out. USD/SGD and EUR/GBP appear to be working.

I do not feel as immersed in markets and as productive as I have in
the last couple of weeks, but that is inevitable. Experimentation in
Tradestation feels much more productive than reading and watching, but
the point of creating processes is to apply them, not to live in a
state of constant revolution however interesting it may be.