Nothing to do today, and I am struggling to throw of the ennui of last week. I feel out of touch with the markets and I suppose it will just take a while to get it back.

I have found before that too much reading is a bad thing, because the only way one can do a lot of reading for a prolonged period it to make it one’s focus, at the expense of a focus on the markets. I think this is what has happened here.

As so often, I am finding it frustrating not to be at my best. The important thing is that my process should continue regardless of whether I am at my best or not — that is vital to long-term success. To that end, I have recently created a scanner function that checks all my markets for breakouts and gives me a list. This means that I am forced to consider each potential trading opportunity regardless of whether I am in the mood.

I think I sometimes make it sound as if I am sitting here looking out of the window or messing about, and that I am not enjoying being a trader. That is far from the truth. I am working and quite focused, but always dissatisfied with a performance that I know can be better.