There is a very rude song about tube strikes by Amateur Transplants. I thought I would see whether a tube strike tends to remind people of this excellent work. The latest one seems to have done so — here is a chart of searches for “London Underground song” from Google Trends.

Update: that’s the chart up to 2009! There is no data in 2010. What a dimwitted post. Using global data gives a better data series, but shows no spike around the most recent tube strike. So it turns out that this song is being forgotten — which is a shame, given that the sentiments it expresses are no doubt shared by a majority of Londoners.

Update2: My friend Adam Cleeveley retweets this from Amateur Transplants: “Our London Underground Song is back at no 1 in the iTunes comedy charts. Thanks guys – all raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support.” What does this tell us? Mostly that people do not use Google like I do. The Economist has a piece this week about “walls” on the internet — segregated areas that people go to for a certain thing. Perhaps people go to iTunes for music, not Google (all assuming that Google Trends is reliable).