Today there have been two bakery mysteries.

The first was the disappearance of a loaf of bread that Sarah bought on Sunday night when we got back from holiday. She went to get soup, and left soup, a loaf of bread and some light bulbs on the side in the kitchen. This morning, the bread was gone. I looked all over the flat for it, and couldn’t work out what could have happened. When Sarah woke up, she gave me the answer: she hadn’t bought any bread; I had left it out before we went on holiday; and she had thrown it away yesterday evening because it was mouldy.

The second mystery remains unsolved. As I passed Victoria Station today, I saw a group of pidgeons eating half a crumpet. Where did they get half a crumpet? Crumpets are not normally sold at fast-food outlets (I presume because they are messy when buttered and take a long time to toast). On the other hand, they are not normally carried to stations. They cannot be eaten without being toasted.

This all made me think that if questions this simple are mysteries to the human mind, it is no surprise that the abstract world of finance remains mostly opaque. One should expect to be in a state of ignorance most of the time.