I have closed all my positions today — I lost faith in my short EUR/USD position because of the weakness of the USD, and hit my profit targets on sugar and palladium.

With trading thin during the Christmas holiday and with me in festive mood, I am not going to enter any new positions. This means that I can tell you my performance for the month (my best so far).

Dec 09 +1.67%

For the calendar year, my equity is -3.76%. I did enter the year over-leveraged into a volatile position, however, which subsequently fell, so this figure is misleading. Based on realised profits, my performance is -1.27% for the year. This is disappointing compared to my original target of 0-10%. On the other hand, I know that I am getting there. My return series tells a story of lessons slowly learned, and I hope that in the next six months it will move into more consistent profit. The table below shows my equity performance.