I have been worrying about two things recently. I have once again become too focussed on fundamental thinking — I do not have all the charts in my head as I used to, and it makes me more likely to trade thinking there is a fundamentally-driven trend when there is no price trend. And when I look at the charts through the day I look too much for trading signals and do not think enough about simply what the market is doing.

To address these problems I have made some changes to my Tradestation set-up. First, I have made a page that makes it simple to look through all the markets and consider whether there is a trend, without thinking about trading signals at all:

Second, I have set up a page that monitors the markets for trading signals through the day, and puts markets in which there are signals at the top of the list (right-hand table below):

Third, I have made a page that searches for the markets in which my trading signals have recently been most successful:

Finally, I have thought of a way of back-testing trading signals over a range of markets. I am feeling good after having done this: a simple 10-day breakout on wide range gives a return of 14 risk units in the past year and 179 risk units over the past five years (traded in the futures markets, the S&P 500 and ten currencies against the USD). Sadly the method does not yield more detailed information.