Today is rather exciting. The sequester appears set to happen, and the battle lines have been drawn. To enter into politics for a moment, I am excited. I am certainly on the right of politics, but also think it is quite simply obvious that society is improved by the provision of certain services by the government. The Republican Party is opposed to “government” as an idea; it is not intelligent, but ideological. I really wish, for the sake of the US, that the right would engage in a serious and complex discussion about what the government should be doing, and why. Instead, it merely fetishises macroeconomic aggregates and holds the country to ransom in an attempt to direct their course.

I am excited about the present confrontation because it seems to me that a reasonable, centre-right president from a reasonable, centre-right party has finally drawn a line in the sand. Since he cannot stop the sequester, he has calculated that, once people see what “smaller government” actually means in practice, they will reject the Republicans’ ideological positions. Perhaps I am overdoing things and this could be just another political battle; but it could be the beginning of the end of the deep foolishness that has infected the political right in the US, and which also haunts the back benches of our own Conservative party.

Short of time today.