I am playing with ideas for how to typeset my book and create the final PDF file. There are two alternatives: do it all in Word, or do it in LaTeX.

I have written the book for LaTeX. And I have found the Memoir class, which is an excellent way of dealing with books, and a package called CreateSpace which formats the page size and margins automatically to be suitable for Amazon’s CreateSpace self-publishing platform. The latter had to be downloaded from GitHub, which I have consequently learned to use.

Still, I am increasingly inclined to use MS Word. The fact is, I am already very good with Word: I know its quirks and how it thinks. I am not so good with LaTeX. Also, LaTeX is a massive faff — making a title page, for example, is something one has to spend tedious hours working out how to do. And it’s hard to experiment and to change things. In Word, you can change the font and see immediately what it looks like, and you can fix pagination problems intuitively.

I am really, really enjoying the process of editing, which I had expected to be tedious. It is fun to run through an argument and improve it, and to think of new things because they follow from what you have already said.